Compensation Case Example – Regina’s Six Week Hospital Stay

Regina was a 26 year old, pregnant female. She presented to the hospital in labour. A couple of hours later she gave birth. Post-delivery, Regina developed sepsis.

Unfortunately the hospital failed to detect and treat Regina’s sepsis with the use of antibiotics. As a result, the inflammation continued and she developed a streptococcal infection (with toxic shock), sepsis and multi-organ failure. Regina’s condition had become so serious that she was then transferred to the intensive care unit. Regina remained in the intensive care unit for six weeks until she was able to be discharged from the hospital.

As a result of the hospital’s negligence, Regina suffered a number of permanent injuries including cardiomyopathy, sexual dysfunction, scarring, hernia and a psychiatric injury.

These injuries restricted the numbers of hours that Regina would be able to work in the future. The injuries also restricted the type of employment that Regina would be able to undertake.

Regina successfully secured a settlement sum that compensated her for her past and future loss of income, pain and suffering and out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, a portion of Regina’s legal costs and expenses from the hospital was recovered.

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Family Law – Deferred fees

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers understand that the urgent, and often unavoidable, nature of family law matters may leave you financially blindsided.

If eligible, we may be able to represent you on a “deferred fee basis”. This arrangement means your legal fees can be paid at pre-determined events; for example, following the sale of a property or at the conclusion of your case.

Q&S’s expert lawyers will keep you up-to-date with costs, allowing you to stay in control of spend.

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No body, no parole – no escape

There has recently been a review of the Queensland parole legislation. The Corrective Services Act 2006 has now been amended to reflect a “No body, No Parole” policy.

Under this legislation prisoners who are convicted of either murder or manslaughter will not be eligible for parole unless they cooperate with authorities in order to disclose the location of the victim’s body.

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers’ Criminal Lawyer, Layla King, examines the effect of this legislative change in her recent article for QSLAW Quarterly.

Access the full article here.


Did you know de facto law also covers same-sex couples?

Property claims only arise in a de facto relationship if the parties have been together for two years. Claims may be made if there has been a substantial contribution and injustice would occur if the claim was not permitted.

Find out more here.

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Quinn & Scattini Lawyers are hiring!

Q&S are looking for confident property and business lawyers.

There are two positions available. One position is based at Q&S’s Brisbane Office, the other is based at Q&S’s Caboolture Office.

A minimum of 2+ years PAE experience is required for each role.

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Quinn & Scattini Lawyers - Careers - Property Lawyer - September 2017

Congratulations Rose!

Positive client feedback is a testament to our genuine, hardworking team of experts.

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers’ Senior Conveyancing Paralegal, Rose McIlvride, has many years’ experience in conveyancing which gives her an acute awareness of client needs, the ability to make them feel at ease and assist them in their decision-making process.

Congratulations Rose on this wonderful client feedback.

“Rose was wonderful. She took care of everything from start to finish so we didn’t have to worry about anything. We have an investment property on the market. When it sells we will be getting her to handle it as we were so impressed with her. DA”

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Do you have an employment issue?

As a party to an employment contract, you have a deal with your employer or your employees governing how the relationship is intended to proceed.

Specific legislation governs your relationship and what options are available to you if the relationship isn’t going as planned or ends for any reason.

Are you being pressured into resigning from your current job? Have you been told not to come back to work? Do you believe you have been underpaid?

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers have seen it all when it comes to employment law issues. In these situations you need careful advice in order to assert your rights.

If the relationship is still going – you can call the shots. If the relationship has ended – you can get the best deal possible.

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